Monday, 17 June 2013

Summer Ball

Hello all :)

So what to tell you about this fortnight? Hmm..well last week I went to the University of Greenwich’s Summer Ball; this was held in Ministry of Sound and was really good! I’d never been there before and it’s pretty big!! Rudimental performed alongside our regular Student Union DJs and, naturally, they were all amazing :) As usual my friends and I were the ones dancing on the speakers :D hahaaaaa I don’t know what it is – anywhere we go, the minute we see speakers or any sort of raised platform, we’re all over it!! I have no idea if any photos were taken inside the club, but here’s one of some of us on the train there :)

What else have I been up to? Life is pretty quiet now that’s university’s over…I've just been working here in the enquiry unit and trying to decide what car to buy at the end of summer with the money I plan on saving! I currently drive a 2002 Ford Fiesta (named Betty) and I've had her for four years! I desperately NEED this car in my life:

Here is the link to it on Autotrader just in case any of you lovely readers want to buy it for me:


OOH – I know what to talk about!! Basically, one of my colleagues in the enquiry unit (Spencer) ate an avocado at the beginning of May and decided to “plant” the stone and try to make it grow. I was very sceptical initially, but guess what!?? IT’S GROWING!! He (the avocado) has officially been names Eric, and I shall take progress photos for each fortnight so you can see how he’s doing :) Here he is at approximately seven weeks old:

Speaking of growing things, I’d love to have a proper garden one day. I currently live dans le petit appartement avec mes parents, and one day I’d like to live in a lovely house with a lovely garden so I can grow lovely vegetables and flowers and have a lovely herb box on my windowsill and it will be just lovely ^^ Loooool I’ll plant things like pumpkin and tomatoes, bluebells and alstroemeria, mint and rosemary :) It will be lovely!!

My dad used to have an allotment, actually. I decided one day that I wanted my own little patch to work on, so dad gave me the fork and away I went, digging up one small corner of earth…until I unearthed a worm and some earwigs :( I quickly decided I didn’t want my own patch anymore :( Hahaaaa! To be fair, I was only about 7! Or maybe 9? I don’t remember exactly…my mom’s really good with plants :) She always remembers to feed and water and rotate them so they last years! I hope I’ll be as good with my garden someday :)

Oh how could I forget!? I went to Wales! Cardiff, to be precise :) It was SO NICE! I had to capitalise that just to indicate HOW nice it was!! With all due respect, I didn’t think it was going to be as pleasant as it was! Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t think it was going to be UNpleasant, but everyone was so friendly and the weather was amazing – we were very fortunate! I went there with Kelty (whose blog I always encourage you to read: to visit one of our best friends (Caitlin) from Secondary School. On the Saturday we went on a boat trip at Cardiff Bay, and we all caught the sun; it was so hot! :) Over the weekend we also enjoyed face masks, a wander around town, frolicking in the park (yes – frolicking!!) and bubble tea ^^ For those of you who don’t know about bubble tea, it’s about time you got to knowwww!!

I have had bubble tea in four different places so far, and here are my reviews:
  1. SM Fairview (Manila, The Philippines) – I’ve been having bubble tea whenever I go there since I was 10(ish), and it’s amazing (as the majority of food in the Philippines is) :)
  2. HK Diner, China Town (London, England) – Just like in the Philippines, amazing :) Sweet and slushy, and really taste like the stated flavours.
  3. Bubbleology, Westfield (Stratford, England) – Rubbish. Instead of being thick like a smoothie, this tea is literally like cold, fruity tea and has a weird, herbal aftertaste.
  4. Bubblebase, Queens Arcade [sic]  (Cardiff, Wales) – Nice :) Not as good as proper Asian bubble tea as it is still pure liquid, but the flavour is good and the tapioca “bubbles” are cooked well :)

I hope these reviews help, and I think that’s quite enough babbling for one fortnight!

I hope this blog has been entertaining – ¡Hasta luego!

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