Friday, 15 March 2013

Work work work!

Hello all! Sorry for the delay in getting this fortnight’s blog to you; I've been trying to catch up with my dissertation work! It’s due March 21st, but I've set myself a deadline on March 19th – just to be on the safe side!

As much as I tend to thrive under pressure, I must say I wish I’d done more work sooner :( Most students will say this, and we never seem to learn! Priorities, eh? Well I've finally done my methodology (which should have been done about a month ago :\) and I've got a meeting with my supervisor today, so I’m quite nervous as to what he’ll have to say! I can’t wait to just get this all out of the way!

Hopefully I’ll get this work plus another essay (which I've done half of) done by the 19th, then I can go out for the first of three of my birthday celebrations on the 20th, relax and pack on the 21st, pre-tour party on the 22nd, then TOURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR on the 23rd!! :D

I’d like to say I’m excited for tour, but I've just go so much work to do! Once the 19th rolls around I can finally get on it!! :D I've finalised all the fancy dress outfits (all the sports teams from all the universities dress up each night on tour), so I just need to submit the order later on today :) I hope it all arrives in time!! ><
Ohhh I can’t wait for graduation! My mom’s already started dress-shopping for the occasion! She’s too cute looool :) I've mentioned to her that once I graduate I’d really like this charm for my Links bracelet:

It’s a graduation owl!! How cute!?

At some point I also plan on getting a Star of David for my charm bracelet; I’m convinced I’m part Jewish, y’see :) My dad thinks so too :) My great granddad was from Austria, so it’s certainly a possibility! Even if I’m not part Jew, I’m fascinated by the Holocaust and firmly believe we should never forget the horrors that happened :( I can’t stand prejudice and discrimination and it makes me so sad that it still exists in society today :( I guess this charm will just be a reminder to me to be lovely :)

What else to report? Hmm..ooh cheer has been really fun these past two weeks :) I've been basing for once with one of my best friends – at 4’11.5” I've been too short to base before as no-one else was anywhere near my height. But, Amy is 5’0” so we’re a perfect match!! Last night we based our other best friend, Laura; she’s 6’1”!!

Ta-daaaaaa :D

Unfortunately that’s all for now, folks – hopefully my next blog will be filled with me gushing about finishing my work and having a blasted good time relaxing!! :D

Until next time, au revoir! <3