Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Managing Time

Hello, possums :)
So, where to begin this time? Well the Mermaids are no longer going to Winter Wonderland :( Things got very complicated and in the end it was easier to just give it a miss :( But never mind! There’ll be other times for ice skating :)
On another note – how dark is it getting these days?? And so early! This seems rubbish, but can only mean one thing: the shortest day on the year is approaching! Again, this seems terrible, but think about it; what happens after that? The days gradually start getting longer again! Don’t get me wrong, it’s still going to be a lonnnng 6-7 months until summer, but let’s try to be optimistic :)
Speaking of summer, I watched ‘500 days of Summer’ the other night; I hated it! That ‘Summer’ character was horrible!! (I won’t reveal too much else for those of you haven’t watched it) I definitely wouldn’t recommend watching it. But what do I know? I’m a Business Management student, not a Film student :P
Want to know what else I watched the other day? :D TWILIGHT!!  The final film in the series!! Aaahhh it was so good!! :D Crazy ending, though! It was different from the book :) I went to watch it with my best friend, Kelty (her blog is also on the Student Experience page – go check it out!) :) She spent the duration of the film scoffing all my popcorn – what are friends for, eh? :D
Anyway, let me fill you in on university stuff :) Having left things to the last minute, I am now snowed under by coursework and looming deadlines >< It’s all my own fault, but there’s a great lesson to be learned by all of you out there: PLAN CAREFULLY AND MANAGE YOUR TIME CORRECTLY!! Basically, learn to prioritise! :P
I can’t complain, really – I work far better under pressure. Like a diamond :) *cheeeeese* hahahahaaaaa ^^
Ooh, I almost forgot to tell you some excellent news!! The Mariners had their second match of the season Sunday 18th November :) It was against Westminster I believe…..AND THEY WONNNNN!!!!! :D YAAAAAAAAAAAAAYAYAYAYAYAYAAAAAAAY!! Everyone was so happy :) Especially as the referees discounted two of our touch downs (with no good reason)!! The CHEEK!!
Anyway, here are some photos from the match..enjoy :)

                                                                              Look! There’s me! :D

Until next time, folks :)
Dee xxxx

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


Heyyy! :D So firstly, as promised, here are some of the photos from the Cheerleader initiations J

Yay! :D So, as you can finally see, everyone had a really good time and the night was definitely a success :)
So, since initiations, what have the Mermaids been up to? Well, just this week we’ve been very busy bees; Friday 2nd November we went and cheered at the 10th annual University of Greenwich Rugby fund raiser in memory of Thomas Mulquin, a student who unfortunately died ten years ago of Sudden Adult Death Syndrome during his first Rugby practise. The fund raiser raised over £1,000 which will be split between two charities, and the Mermaids were all very pleased to have been able to support the cause.
Just a few days later, on Sunday 5th November we went and cheered on our American Football team, the University of Greenwich Mariners, at their first away game of the season against Kent. It was freezing!! It had rained heavily that morning, and by the time we reached the University of Kent, the pitch was totally waterlogged. Here is a picture of what my (once white) plimsolls now look like:
My feet were completely numb by half time. Pity me? You should! Haha :D
Unfortunately our boys didn’t win this time, but their next game is at home against Westminster, so I’ll get back to you on the result of that! :)
University life is pretty much the same; I submitted my first assignment of the year last night :) I was sat doing it the library at Avery Hill, with every intention of staying until midnight when it closes, but had to call it a day at 10:30pm; it was so cold!!
 I’ve got a group meeting tomorrow for Strategic management – we have to prepare a presentation on alliances within business. Fortunately I’ve got a really good team for that presentation; group work can prove very difficult when you’re working with social loafers!!
It’s so weird that we’re mere weeks away from Christmas! It seems to come around faster and faster every year. I’m really looking forward to the Christmas period, though; all of my friends from secondary school get together as much as we can, catching up whilst over indulging in food and drink :) We see one another less and less each year, which is sad, but it makes Christmas time with them even more special :) We’ve all pretty much decided not to exchange gifts this year – poor finances seem to have hit us all even harder this year than in previous years :( Still, I’d much rather have the company of my nearest and dearest than any old present anyway! :)
Well, I’m off for now. My next blog will most likely contain photos from Winter Wonderland (I’ve arranged for the Mermaids to go ice skating!!) and updates on Mariner matches, coursework and my dissertation :)
Until then, take care, chickens! :)
Dee xxx