Friday, 28 September 2012

Ready for uni...

Hello J Welcome to my second blog!! The past few weeks have flown by so quickly!! Where do I even begin? Hmm..okay I’ll start with the less interesting stuff first and save the best until last J I started back at Uni this week; it’s been as boring as I expected L Hopefully things will pick up next week though – this week was filled mainly with introductory talks.

Right, that was short and sweet J now for the fun stuff :D I’m even more excited for cheer this year!! Initiations are now fully planned and talks about tour are underway! :D I know I mentioned getting some photos last time but I promise in my next blog there will be lots! A couple of ladies took photos of us cheerleaders stunting at the Freshers fairs but I have no idea where those photos are L If I can find them I’ll upload those too J The Freshers fairs were really successful – we got lots of girls (and a few boys!) signing up, so it’ll be interesting to see how many actually pay membership and turn up each week J

Oooh, how could I forget? Basically, I was working at the University of Greenwich Enquiry Unit over the Clearing period, and I applied to keep the job permanently for the rest of this year; I GOT IT! I was honestly so nervous as I was convinced everybody would think I was stupid! But I got it! Yaaaaay this means I can afford to eat this year :D hahaha – I’m moving out of my parents’ house next week, you see, so I need to earn as much money as possible! No more free rent, meals and laundry for me!!

So, my promise to you all, for next time, is to get pictures of my new house, cheer photos and initiation photos up J I know it can’t be all that interesting just looking at text L

I shall keep you all posted on how my third year is going too! I’m in the middle of thinking of a dissertation question, so I’ll let you know how that goes! I’m cheerful now but I’m sure in a week I’ll be going mental trying to juggle work, university and social planning as well as training for cheer! Still, I can’t complain – I love being busy J

Talk to ya later, alligators!! J

Dee xx

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

First Blog

Hello J Welcome to my first ever blog! I. AM. DREADING entering my third year of Uni! L The thought of doing a dissertation fills me with fear (of course it may help if I actually started doing some research)! I desperately want a first in my degree though, so I suppose I’d better get my act together soon :P

But, as always I've got far more exciting things that I need to plan! I’m a cheerleader for the University of Greenwich’s cheer squad: Greenwich Mermaids. I was voted Social Secretary for this year, so I've got lots of fun things to organise, like getting promotional T shirts printed for the upcoming moving in weekend, initiations, social events and a fund raiser! The most immediate thing to sort out is T shirts; it’s ridiculous how much things cost these days! Or maybe I’m just not looking in the right places! If I manage to sort it out I’ll make sure I upload some photos J

Another fun thing I’m looking forward to is moving into my new house! A friend and I are moving into a house in Blackheath; three other girls (who we don’t know) from our university already live there – I really hope they’re nice! >< What with lots of Uni work and a hectic cheerleading schedule this year I honestly won’t have time to deal with any dramas! Still, I like to think I’m easy to get along with, so we’ll see :P

Hopefully my next blog will include lots of updates and pretty pictures – I’ll keep you all posted!

Baiiiiii ^^