Thursday, 31 January 2013

UoG Mermaids

Hello all! Long time no read!

Apologies, it’s been a busy few weeks! Getting back into the swing of things at university has been quite nice :) After the Christmas break it’s been really nice to see all of my cheerleaders again :) Training has been intense – we now have our standard three hours on a Tuesday, plus two hours on a Sunday afternoon in a gymnasium with a sprung floor. Even will all of this time we’re investing, I’m so nervous for competition and have no idea if we’ll be ready or not!! It’s in three weeks!! ><

What else has been going on? Well, it’s the Cheerleaders’ first ever fund raiser this Monday, which, as Social Secretary, I am organising; oh my life what if nobody comes? What if lots of people turn up and think it’s rubbish!? Owwhhhh I’m terrified! I just want it all to be perfect!! I can’t remember if I've mentioned the fund raiser to you before, so let me give you the low down :)
  • It’s Playboy Bunny themed :)
  • There’s going to be a raffle, face painting, pin the tail on the bunny, and hopppefully a special something else that I don’t want to reveal yet in case it falls through!
  • I’m going try my hardest to make Sparrow’s (my Student Union) look as much like the Playboy mansion as possible with the tiny budget I have!!

Naturally, there’ll be lots of lovely photos for you the next time I blog :) There’s so much stuff to do!! Firstly, to host an event you need to fill in a proposal form and send it off, then once the SU have got back to you approving your event you can start planning :) But then you have to design tickets and posters and send those to the SU to get them approved and printed and laminated! And thennnnn you can start thinking about decorations and props and all that jazz! :) Busy busy bee!! I was up until midnight last night putting posters up all around the Greenwich and Avery Hill campuses ><

I've ordered most of the props now, so it’s just a case of playing the waiting game until they all arrive! I keep saying it but I am so nervous!! Wish me luck ;)

Anyway, onto other news, being so busy is interfering with my workout plans! I was supposed to join the University of Greenwich’s climbing society, but haven’t been to a single climb yet as so many things keep popping up! In addition, I haven’t been boxing half as much as I’d like; there’s too much coursework, work, fund raising and tour planning to do! Whew! I’ve been ill for a while now, and my housemates keep telling me it’s because I do too much :( I think they’re right, but there’s so much I want to achieve! 

OOOOOOH!! Let me tell you about two films I saw recently :) The first one was Les Misérables – I cried alllll the way through!! Honestly, it’s so sad :( I was sat there with two of my housemates, all of us clutching tissues!! I would definitely recommend going for a cheeky view!

The other film I saw was much happier :) It’s called, “Wreck it Ralph” and I really wasn’t expecting to enjoy it! I went with Kelty (find her blog here: and another friend from Secondary school, and I grumbled all the way into the cinema! “I’m not going to like it, it’s going to be rubbish, EUGH!” hahahahaha I was wrong :D It’s cute, and funny :) Go have a watch :)

Anyhoo, I’ve gotta run now, folks! So until next time……


Friday, 4 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Guten taaaaag!! :) (That’s German for “Hello” – notice a theme emerging, guys?)
How was everyone’s Christmas and New Year? My Christmas was average…it’s just not as magical or special as it once was, to be honest :( But the break from Uni is nice :) I start back in just over a week so I’m going to have a “study day” with one of my friends tomorrow :) I want to make sure I’m as up to date as I can be for second term!
My New Year was far more interesting – I went to a party, which was fun :) Here are a couple of photos from the night:

I can’t even lie; the fact that I graduate in less than six months is beginning to terrify me! As much as I’ll be glad to be rid of all the work, I’m going to miss this place!! I’m in the middle of looking into running for a full-time Sabbatical position for the year after I graduate; I want to run for VP Student Activities! I shall keep you posted on my progress!! I’m really nervous about it, as whilst I’m sure I’d be great in the role, what is no-one votes for me!?
Ooh, here’s some news: I've taken up boxing!! I've had two one-on-one sessions so far and I LOVE it!! It’s Thai boxing (I think :\), so I kick and knee as well as the standard punching :) I want abs in time for the TOUR!! In the new term I plan on joining the University of Greenwich’s climbing society too :) Have I mentioned that before? Well I've started taking progression photos of my physiiiquuuuue, so if you’re lucky I’ll upload some once I've reached my target!! :)

Of course, as it was Christmas, Beethoven was on the TV – Beethoven, the film about the dog LOL, not a documentary on the composer :P ANYWAY, I've decided I NEED a Saint Bernard in my liiiiife!! :( I used to want a dachshund (because they are tiny like me :)), but now I've found my calling – a huge, fluffy, soppy, BEAUTIFUL Saint Bernard ^^

Owwhhhh loooooook >< One day, eh? :)

Right, so I mentioned in my last blog that I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi; whilst I appreciate the speed and convenience of text-speak (for example, “ I want to go 2 the shop”), there is one recurring thing that has been winding me RIGHT up lately. It is not text speak. It is not slang, nor is it an abbreviation or a conjunction. It is...


Oh my goodness gracious it gets on my nerrrrrrves!! It’s terrible! Take note, people! If you don’t know the difference, here it is:

Right, well that’s pretty much all the updates for this portion of the month; my festive period has been filled with events, yet there’s not all that much to report! I've overindulged in food, spent lots of time with friends, enjoyed doing nothing productive most days and am now in full preparation mode for the year ahead :) Wish me luck, folks!

Until next time,