Wednesday, 24 October 2012

My House

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get this blog to you; I’ve been a very busy bee over the past few weeks!
I’m finally all moved in and settled in to my new house; it’s really nice and the girls are lovely (thank goodness)!! J Here are some photos of the rooms:

Besides moving in I’ve been running around like a mad woman trying to organise these cheer leader initiations. We’ve managed to recruit 35 or so new girls this year, which is AMAZING as, including the returning girls, we now have over 40 Mermaids!! Last year there were around 20 of us, in my first year there were 8 or so of us, and the year before there were only 3!! So, now we have over 40 Mermaids all preparing for competitions this year (we’re planning on going to at least 5 of them, so I’ll keep you posted as and when they happen!) :)
Anyway, back to cheer initiations. They were supposed to take place on Wednesday 17th October, but the Student Union (SU) told us we couldn’t do it as football submitted their initiation booking form first, and as there are so many of them, the SU couldn’t host our initiations at the same time L Boooo :’( So, I’ve had to reschedule, but, despite the extra time, I’ve still be running around like a headless chicken as things keep going wrong!! :(
Still! Once initiations have taken place, I promise to reveal the theme (none of the Freshers know it yet!) and upload lots of fun photos :)
So I suppose I should talk about how my dissertation is coming along; I’ve decided to do it on governmental corruption in the Philippines (my Mom is Filipino, hence why I chose The Philippines) and how it affects the wellbeing of Filipinos throughout the country. Because the topic is so close to home I feel I’ll be able to really get into it – I’ve enjoyed the reading I’ve done already, so hopefully it will only get more and more interesting!
My other courses are going okay; if it wasn’t for this scary dissertation I’d be really confident about this year! Oh well, I suppose I just need to stop worrying, start prioritising and get my work done!!]
In my next blog I’ll update you on cheer initiations, academic stuff, and whatever other interesting things I can think of :)
Talk to y’all laterrrrr :)