Friday, 28 June 2013

Clearing starting soon :)

Hello all!

Another fortnight, another blog! I have a couple of updates for you today :) So, on July 1st, Clearing starts, and the Enquiry Unit office moves into a bigger building to accommodate all the extra staff :) Clearing is always very busy, but I’m looking forward to meeting my new colleagues :) All of the existing staff will be contributing to the 2013 Clearing Diary – I’ll post a link to that blog page once it’s fully up and running :)
What else is new? Well, I finally joined the gym! Hahaaaa! I’ve now got access until this time next year, and if any current students are reading this, if you act now, you can pay £100 for full use of the University of Greenwich gym (in the Dome, Avery Hill campus) from the day you pay until the same day next year :) It’s a bargain, really! Far cheaper than you could expect to pay at any non-university gym and the facilities aren’t bad! I've been a handful of times already and plan on continuing to go three times a week – I’ve got two holidays coming up and want to look my best! Here’s some more information on the gym if any of you are interested:

Oh! I promised to keep you posted on Eric’s progress, didn’t I? (For those of you who don’t already know, Eric is the avocado seed that one of my supervisor’s has planted – read last fortnight’s blog for more information! :D) Well Eric is coming along nicely :) He’s been in a pot with some soil for the past couple of weeks, and he’s due to be re-potted within the next few days; here are some progress photos:

As I promised before, I shall continue to keep you undated each fortnight :)

Back to meeee! I went to the cinema a couple of times this month with my best friend (and colleague) Kelty (; she’s a Sky customer so gets free tickets to film previews. We saw “Stuck in Love” and “The Internship”. “Stuck in Love” was alright…a nice storyline with some funny bits but fairly predictable to be honest; I wouldn't pay to watch it.

“The Internship” on the other hand is SO GOOD!! It’s hilarious!! It’s stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, and I would pay to watch this multiple times! The film is basically about two middle-aged men who apply for an internship at Google. The storyline has a great balance of comedy, sorrow, romance and action, and you should definitely go and see it for yourselves :)

Unfortunately that’s it for this fortnight! It seems I've run out of interesting things to say! I’m sure I’ll have more by next time – I always do! ;)

Until next time, folks!


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