Monday, 20 May 2013

The end is nigh!

He-LLOOOOOOO, blog readers :)

Long time no read, eh? Sorry about that – I've had yet another crazy month of deadlines and such, but now it’s finally all over! I had my last ever exam on Monday 13th May 2013, and I am officially done and dusted with my degree! It’s such a relief, but also a bit surreal at the same time; what do I do now? Fortunately I have my work here at the Enquiry Unit up until September, and cheerleading is on for the next two weeks, so I have something to bide my time with for now…

This month is indeed a sad month; at the end of it I have to move out of my house in Blackheath :( It literally feels like I’ve just moved in, and the past seven months have just flown by… I've grown fondly accustomed to seeing my housemates every day, and suddenly living without them is going to be something to get used to :( Still, it was one of their birthdays last fortnight, and two of them are celebrating their birthdays next week, so we’ll have had lots of time celebrating together by the time we all part ways! :)

So what else is new? Hmm…ooh I’m going to Wales at the end of this month! :D One of my best friends from secondary school graduated last year with a degree in food (okay that’s not the official name of the degree but never mind loool) and is now working in a cake production factory in Cardiff :) A CAKE FACTORY! She spends many of her shifts tasting cake and giving development feedback – what a cool job! I’d definitely get fat, though! I have noooo self-control when it comes to cake! Hahaaa :P

But yeah, my trip to Wales will be the first of a few trips this year; I’m going to Spain for my uncle’s birthday in August, and Dominican Republic with my family in September :) I’m soooo excited! I’m a tropical creature at heart and I love a bit of sun, sea, and sand! :D I’m hoping to find time to go on a party holiday as well, but we shall see! :)

As we are nearing the end of the academic year, our friend, Mariner and photographer, Patrick Hollins came in and took some squad photos for us:

We’re really hoping to recruit some great new members next year :) (Although I’m graduating, I’m still coming back for cheer)

As you may or may not know I LOVE food. So, just to show you all what a piglet I am, I’ve compiled a list for you of the places I've eaten out at JUST THIS MONTH – hahaaaaaa (I’ve included links and mini-reviews just in case any of you are interested):

-  McDonald’s (Multiple times)

-  KFC (A few times)

-  Tozi (This is an AMAZING – albeit pretentious – restaurant in Victoria!)

-  Blue Elephant (This is an AMAAAAAZING Thai place in Imperial Wharf – I would eat here 100 times  over!)

-  Frankie and Benny’s

-  TGI Friday’s

-  Chip shop (More than once, I’m sure!)

-  Jimmy’s World Bar and Grill (Absolutely awful – certainly not worth £17.00. It’s like a disgusting version of Cosmo’s on Croydon which is sooooo good)

-  Wetherspoon’s

-  Papa John’s

-  Tea and Tattle (A teeny tiny tea and sandwich shop underneath a bookstore in London – overpriced, but yummy ^^)

-  Upper Crust

-  Trafalgar Tavern (This is in Greenwich, and where this year’s Sports Awards were held; the starter and dessert were disappointing, but the main course was alright)

There are some I've missed off, I’m sure! But there is a snapshot of my life as a hungry hippo :) I just thought I’d share the list with you as I, personally, am astounded LOL

Now, with regards to Sports Awards, this is basically an end of year ceremony where students are awarded “colours” for their dedication to a sports team, and sports teams are recognised for their achievements throughout the year. CHEERLEADING WAS VOTED CLUB OF THE YEARRRR!! :D Words cannot express how happy I am! All of our hard work and dedication really has paid off :)

On another cheer-related note, I have officially given up my position as Social Secretary of the University of Greenwich Cheerleading :( Basically, non-students of the university aren't allowed a committee position, and as I graduate this year, two new girls were voted in (we decided to have two instead of one in order to lighten the workload). I’m very sad, but I know my successors will do a great job :) Plus, I’ll still be around for cheer next year so I plan on remaining very much involved! :P May I present to you the two Social Secretaries for the Greenwich Mermaids 2013/14:

Anyhoo, I think that’s quite enough for one blog, folks! Until next time…xx 

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