Friday, 5 April 2013

My birthday!

Hello again, sloths!

Right, so you’ve had the serious blog, now it’s time for the FUN BLOGGGGG :D I have SOOOOO much to fill you in on :) Where to begin?? Hmm..let’s talk about my birthday and TOUR TOUR TOUR!! :D

So, the time for tour fiiiiinally rolled around, and it was so much fun! We went to Rimini in Italy, and went by coach; the journey there was around 26 hours (I think), and by the end of it we were all very glad to get off! We drove to Folkestone and got the Eurotunnel to France, and from there we drove through Switzerland and then through Italy until we reached Rimini :) Switzerland was so pretty!! There were snow-topped mountains everywhere :)

ANYWAY, let me finally reveal to you the fancy dress themes I arranged for the cheerleaders :D

Night one was American Indians :)

Night two was army night (football did this theme as well :))

Night three was “ratchet”

Night four was toga night (we did this with American football :))

Whaddya think? :D All the stress paid off! Ooh our Varsity jackets came as well :) They look really good so I’ll try and get a decent picture for you in my next blog :)

Tour was seriously so much fun; we competed for one day, then spent the rest of the time on the beach, wandering around the shops, partying, and generally just having an amazing time :D I’m definitely going next year! All of the girls are buzzing for next year already as well :D

Ooh let’s talk about my birthday; I’m finally 22! It’s so weird, not being 21 anymore…I think I like it…I feel older and wiser! Well, okay maybe not much wiser looool :P My actual birthday was really nice; I celebrated it on tour, and my lovely cheer girls got me a shout out from behind the bar, and I don’t remember too much of the night, so that indicated to me that the night was a success! :P

I honestly feel like the most spoilt girl in the world, though; I’m having so many different celebrations:

Meal with my Momma
Meal with both of my parents
Meal with my friends from Secondary school
Party with my uni friends and housemates

Plus everyone keeps giving me cards and presents! They've all come as a shock as I wasn't expecting anything! I feel so loved! I’m in such a happy place right now it almost seems too good to be true!
I’m dreading graduating as much as I’m looking forward to it >< My whole university experience has been the best, and I can’t stress to you all enough the importance of making the most of it! Sports teams may not be your thing, but consider joining a society or even starting your own! University really is what you make of it, and I’ve met some of my best friends through cheerleading.

Whilst university is primarily about obtaining a degree, I really feel it’s about developing as a person as well. When I leave the University of Greenwich, I won’t only have a degree, but I’ll have valuable work experience under my belt (from working in the enquiry unit here), leadership and events’ experience (as a result of being Social Secretary of Cheerleading), three years’ sports team participation and an amazing group of friends who I know I’ll have for life.

The moral of today’s blog is that university is what you make of it. Don’t look back on your three/four years and think, “So I have a degree, but I wish I’d achieved more.”

*Boston accent* I love yaz!! I’ll aspeak ta yaz later! ;)


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